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Sponsors :


Leslie Bourdier, "Ms. Bee" 


Chantelle Smith



(7th-8th  grade) Junior Beta Meetings - meetings are from 2:15 - 3:00
Students need to have a ride waiting in the front of the school at 3:00.  Please make arrangements to be on time.  If they are riding home with someone else, they need to have a parent note giving permission.

2017 -2018  Meeting dates

September 21st  

October 19th   

November 9th

December 14th

January 25th   

February 15th  – (only for members going to convention)

February 21st – 23rd  State Convention

March 22nd    

April 26th  

May 17th  

Important Reminders:
Each Beta member is required to have 25 hours of service per year.  Half of them are due during each semester.
  Service Hours Due:  12.5 hours due by Nov. 1st.
                                     12.5 more hours due by April 1st.
                                 Awards are given at the end of the year for
                                 students with the most hours.


Beta On My Mind

District Convention:  November 11th, 2017 - @HLB

State Jr Convention:  Feb 21st – 23rd, 2018 @ Lafayette Cajun Dome

National Junior Convention:  June 13TH -16TH  , 2018 @ Savannah, GA

August 24 Beta minutes

August 24 Beta minutes

  • Took roll
  • Introduced sponsors Ms. Bee and Mrs. Smith
  • Explained requirements to be in Beta.
    • Must keep a B average of all 7 classes combined.  It’s ok to have a C now and then, but all classes averaged together must be a B avg.
    • No C’s in conduct – no major office referrals
    • Cannot miss more than 3 meetings without an excuse – if you miss have mom/dad send an email to one of the sponsors stating why.
    • Must complete all service hours and turn them in on time.
  • Discusses being in Beta means showing good character and leadership wherever you are.
  • Handed out meeting dates for the year.
  • When shirts come in, members may wear them on meeting days and on spirit shirt days.
  • Discussed the due dates for service hours.
  • To be eligible for conventions you must have all of the requirements fulfilled by Nov.1st and not go on probation (by breaking any)
  • District day is restricted seating, so I will take all those eligible, pick those competing first, and then pick out of a hat for the rest.  However, if you are eligible for district day, you are eligible for State convention.
  • Our next meeting is when we will vote for new officers.  If you are interested in running for President, Vice President, Secretary, or Reporter, please let Ms. Bee or Mrs. Smith know by next week.  We will make up a ballot and we will vote at the September meeting.
  • Shirts have to be made in one bulk order.  Since membership is open until the end of Sept, shirts will not be ordered until Oct. 1st.  Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Beta is also a charitable organization.  We will be doing charity/service things each month.  Look for emails and announcements coming soon.