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Audacity is a free audio editor and recorder.  Students can use audacity to record podcasts on various math topics as part of multimedia projects.  They can use audacity to explain new terms, describe a math process like the steps to solving an equation, record a song describing a math concept, or record tutoring tips for other classmates.  The ideas are limitless with this easy to use program.  Teachers can also use this program to post messages on their web pages for students or for parents.


With a Wiki space you and your students can post, publish and share text, images, files and more.  Students can collaborate on projects ad free.  They can create projects for the rest of the students to view.  Teachers can create units publishing all of their media sites in one place.  A teacher can prepare a unit for the lab that will lead students through online games, tutoring, skill practice and curriculum content all in one location.  The sky is the limit with wikispaces!


Teachertube is a site that has thousands of videos produced by teachers and students.  These videos range from teacher lead explanations on how to add integers to student created videos on order of operations.  Many of these videos can be used to add spice to your math lessons.  The best way to get a student’s attention is to show them videos produced by students their age.  Many of the videos were class project that were posted.  You may choose to let your students create a video as a project too. (Teachertube is blocked in TPSD, but you can use the program ZAMZAR or Real Player to upload the video and bring it to school.  They work with Youtube videos also.)

Microsoft Publisher – Included with Microsoft Office

Publisher can be used to create postcards, letters, business cards, brochures, calendars, flyers and newsletters on any topic.  Students could use publisher in the math classroom to create postcards explaining a particular process to another student, flyers illustrating a process or theme, brochures on geometric figures, etc.  Publisher is great to use for creative projects.  Teachers can be creative by making a class newsletter for parents with the help of their students.


Jing is a great way to create tutoring videos for your students.  Jing is a free download and will let you video anything on your computer screen with your voice as narration. Jing is easy to use and free.  A teacher could post her PowerPoint’s as she discusses them so a student who is absent gets the benefit of the day’s lesson or solve an equation with direction.



Voki allows you to create an avatar and add a voice to it.  The voice can be yours or one provided in various languages and accents.   Then, it allows you to publish your Voki to a website, wiki, etc. or just use it alone in your class.  Vokis can be used to announce your daily math topic, introduce the lesson for the day or present definitions in a fun creative way. Students can create Vokis with math content for you to use in class also.


This site houses tools like QuizStar, RubiStar, PersuadeStar, TrackStar, Notes Star, Think Tank, and Teacher Tackle box.  All of these are wonderful tools for your classroom.  QuizStar allows you to post quizzes for students to take on the computer and sends you the results.  RubiStar can help you find or create a rubric.  PersuadeStar lets students write essays, edit and send them to you to be graded.  TrackStar will let you create a page of websites for students to use without going where they should not be.  NotesStar helps students to organize notes and ThinkTank helps them to narrow down ideas for projects.  Teacher Tackle box provides many tools for the teacher to help with classroom tasks.  All of this is free!


Skype is a great tool that allows you to talk to someone with the added dimension of video.  Skype could be used to share information and lessons with other classrooms.  Teachers could share teaching lessons with other teachers, students can share information with other classes, classroom speakers can address the class without leaving work and it is a great way for your class to be pen pals with another class far away.


LiveBinder is your 3-ring binder for the web where you can collect resources, organize them neatly and present them with pride.  You can put all of your resource in one place to create units with multimedia benefits that are easily accessible. You can just click and drag website URL’s, download PDF files, images and other things into your binder.  You can link it to your website for students to use when they need help or use it in class as a teaching tool where all of your materials are in one place.

MovieMaker – Windows media Player

Windows MovieMaker allows a teacher or students to create “story boards” or edit video very easily.  You can save images to a file and then place them into your “story board” adding music and text to your slides.  You can edit video and add text and music to it also.  This is a great program for student projects on a variety of topics or for teachers to create media components for a lesson.  The sky is the limit on this one.


Voicethread is a great way to add a twist to your PowerPoint’s.  You can add audio comments to each slide of your PowerPoint to create a math presentation.  You can set the speed for each slide to advance to the next slide so you can play the Voicethread hands free.  It would be a great tool for a substitute to use when you are out. Again, voice threads can be used by students to present math content for projects.


Want to add a new twist to a presentation.  Prezi floats from object to object in a new visual display.  You can add text and images and the Prezi will allow you to link them in a numbered path from one to another.  Sometimes just a new way of presenting something can open up students’ eyes and catch their attention.  Try this easy to use tool the next time you want to make a point.



Web Resources for Math Teachers


Web 2.0 Websites for Teachers

Web 2.0 is about revolutionary new ways of creating, collaborating, editing and sharing user-generated content online. It's also about ease of use. There's no need to download, and teachers and students can master many of these tools in minutes. Technology has never been easier or more accessible to all.

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